A Festival of Web-based Music

July 21st-22nd 2023

Events and Locations

Location Sharing will consist of four main events: A 6-part coding workshop (online only), a concert, a show-and-tell meetup, and a reading session (the latter three are in-person & online)


6 Meetings in June/July - Specific Times TBA


Over the course of six 90-minute zoom meetings, workshop participants will learn how to program audio in the web browser using the p5.js library.

Laurens Inauen's Workshop from Browser Sound 2021


July 21st (Evening)

Kultur Kiosk, Stuttgart, Germany


A concert of new works that exist simulatneously online and in-person. A hybrid ensemble of in-person and remote musicians and coders will premiere the new works.

One of these works will be commisioned from our call for porposals. Submit here.

PACKETSPHERE: An Internet Travelogue, by Zak Argabrite and Becky Brown - A Browser Sound 2021 Commission.


July 22nd (Afternoon)

Stuttgart, Germany


For an afternoon, artists will give presentations of their works. Open for any artist to contribute. Registration link forthcoming. This is an opportuntiy for the community to share with one another what they have been working on, and to be inspired by one another.

Data, please!, by Jana De Troyer and Steffen Reichelt - A Browser Sound 2021 Commission.

Reading Session

July 22nd Evening

Stuttgart, Germany


Participants of the workshop will present a final project in the format of an informal concert / show-and-tell. Participants will have the opportunity to work with Browser Sound's hybrid ensemble of in-person and remote musicians/coders.

vyshyvanka.js, by Solomiya Moroz and Curt Miller - A Browser Sound 2021 Commission.