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July 21st-22nd 2023

Javascript for Sound Artists

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This is an intro to Javascript crash course designed for musicians and sound artists. Through six synchronous, online meetings, participants are taught the basics of javascript through the lens of the p5.js library for creative coding. We will touch upon handling audio files and synthesizing sound in the web browser, creating an interactive web page, producing audio-synced visuals, and using APIs to generate audio and visual content.The workshops will culminate with a reading session at Location Sharing, Browser Sound’s 2023 festival. There, participants will present a final project, and have the option to have Browser Sound’s ensemble read through a performance of their work.

These workshops are aimed for audiences with beginner/no-prior understanding of web programming. A major learning objective of these workshops is to equip you with fundamental tools and understanding of web programming, to kickstart a larger creative journey with the web.


Regular Fee - €22.50 Euro / $25.00 USD

Reduced Fee - €13.50 Euro / $15.00 USD

Reduced Fee is available, no questions asked, for students and anyone else for whom the regular fee is prohibitive. If the reduced fee is prohibitive, send an email to

All workshop communications will occur via email from A join link to each meeting will be sent one day prior to each meeting.

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This workshop will take place across six online meetings

All Meetings at 17:00-19:00 CET / 11:00-1:00 EST

Tuesday, June 6th

Tuesday, June 13th

Tuesday, June 20th

Tuesday, June 27th

Tuesday, July 4th

Tuesday, July 11th

This workshop will be taught by Brandon Lincoln Snyder, and is produced in partnership with WebSoundArt, a community dedicated to web-based sound art.

Laurens Inauen's Workshop from Browser Sound 2021


Is it mandatory to attend all six sessions and final presentation?

It is recommended to attend all six sessions, as each session will build off of the previous one. However, there is no penalty for missing sessions. The final presentation is optional.

Will the sessions be recorded? Can a session be viewed afterwards?

A session recording can be provided for a registered participant upon request. These recordings will be granted in the case that the participant cannot attend a certain meeting time, or that a recorded session would be helpful for their learning of the material. The recordings are not available as a complete substitute for attending the online sessions.

What materials do I need? What is provided?

A computer with an internet connection is required. Supplemental materials (code, audio files, other notes) will be provided along with each session.

Can you tell me more about what we will specifically cover?

Meetings primarily consist of building 4 creative sound projects together in javascript. Optional, light homework is provided, and a portion of the meeting is devoted to participants sharing that work with the class.

Workshop participants will learn how to Javascript through the lens of 4 web-sound art projects:

1. An interactive noise box

2. A drum/audio-sample sequencer

3. A synthesizer

4. Using API's for audio and visual generation.

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