A Festival for Music and the Web

July 21st-22nd 2023

Firewood Corn Weaving - decolonizing ethnoclimatology and indigenizing climate change

This project is a mobile web experience that pieces together videos made by Mayan interlocutors from the Guatemalan highlands about their daily lives with interactive texts dwelling on themes of weather, climate, abstraction, and translation.

Experience the project from a mobile web browser at:

Christian Espinosa Schatz presents the methodology behind the project for the University of Pennsylvania's EnviroLab conference on "Placing: New Engagements with the Environment"

Ethan Lee speaks here on his role in the project as web developer.

Created by:

  • Hermenegildo Godinez Jacinto, Video Director, Camera
  • Silverio Osbaldo Claudio, Video Director, Video Participant (Firewood)
  • Ana Aguilar, Video Participant (Corn), Camera
  • Javier Garcia, Video Participant (Corn)
  • Elizandro Sales, Video Director, Camera
  • Mario Jacinto, Video Director, Camrea
  • Silvia Lucrecia Carrillo, Video Director, Video Participant (Weaving), Camera, Translation and Transcription
  • Brandon Lincoln Snyder Artistic Director, Web Design
  • Christian Espinosa Schatz Artistic Director, Text
  • Henry Sales, Artistic Director, Translation
  • Ethan Lee, Web Development, Web Design