A Festival for Music and the Web

July 21st-22nd 2023


BROWSER is a personal project of mine, run in cooperation with the Stuttgarter Kollektiv für Aktuelle Musik. My short term goal is to use techniques of collaboration common in the contemporary music and the web developer worlds in order to bring webbased art to more people (and more people to webbased art). In the long term, I hope that webbased art becomes as common as any instrument or medium in the contemporary music world.

    -Brandon Lincoln Snyder (Stuttgart; June, 2021)

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Who and What


    Brandon Lincoln Snyder
Board Members
    Nikola Lutz, and Brandon Lincoln Snyder
Commisioning Jury
    Nikola Lutz, Laurens Inauen, Dan Tramte, Nicolas Zupfer, and Brandon Lincoln Snyder
Guest Workshops
    Laurens Inauen, Nicolas Zupfer, and Yotam Mann
Financial Support from
    Stuttgarter Kollektiv für Aktuelle Musik
    Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart

BROWSER 2021 featured artists:
  • Jana De Troyer
    Curt Miller
    Solomiya Moroz
    Delia Ramos Rodríguez
    Zak Argabrite
    Becky Brown
    Nikolay Suslov
    Carla Tapparo
    Rapo Francisco
    Steffen Reichelt
    Kevin CK Lo

Big thank you to Steffen Reichelt, Curt Miller, and Ethan Lee, who taught me how to built this website. Thank you Solomiya Moroz and Nikolay Suslov for building our VR concert hall in Mozilla Hubs. Thank you Jana De Troyer for the big help with marketing BROWSER2021. Thank you to Simone Enge and the Hochschule für Musikand Darstellende Kunst for being the first financial supporters of this project. Thank you again, Nikola, for your wisdom and support. You helped make this first instance of BROWSER run incredibly well. Thank you Ethan Lee for introducing me to web-based music.